Eugene, OR

90693 Link Rd.
Eugene, OR 97402

Ph. (541) 689-0901
Fax (541) 689-6181


With a simple philosophy of “do it right” and “keep the customer happy,”  Ron’s vision of making Ideal Steel a family owned and operated business began to flourish.  The close relationship with Cascade helped to spur the future growth of Ideal Steel into new markets.

  • The corporate office for Ideal Steel is in Eugene Oregon.  This location was opened in 1987 when Ron and Ardyce Duquette started Ideal.  The corporate team all work from the corporate office;  their responsibilities relate to all branch locations.  The financial statements, payroll, payables, receivables, credit and company-wide human resources are all sourced out of the corporate office.  Each plant manager is responsible for the sales and operations and work directly with the Corporate Team.
  • The Eugene location has approximately 75,000 square feet on 12 acres of land.
  • 120 employees with over 50% exceeding 10 years’ experience.
  • Eugene sales area covers from Bellingham Washington to Medford Oregon.
  • The equipment in Eugene consists of 6 burning machines, 2 beveling machines, 4 flattening presses, 1 shot blaster, welding stations, a 500 ton 20’ press brake, a 90 ton 10’ press brake, 4 milling machines, a saw and iron worker and 6 forklifts 5000 lbs to 36,000 lbs.  There are also 6 trucks used to deliver parts to customers.

Seneca, SC

120 Halpers Dr.
Seneca, SC 29678

Ph. (864) 882-6773
Fax (864) 882-6883


What do you do when your biggest customer says, “We like your parts better than the other guy’s!”, and you don’t want to ship from one coast to the other? You open a plant in their back yard to meet their demands for tight tolerances and quick turnaround.

  • This location was opened in 1990 to meet the needs of our largest customer.
  • The Seneca location has approximately 40,000 square feet on 6 acres of land.
  • South Carolina has over 70 employees.
  • The equipment in Seneca consists of 6 burning machines, 3 beveling machines for weld preps, 2 shot blasters, welding station, 6 CNC machining Centers, 2 saws, iron worker, stamp machine for part ID, 2 flattening presses and 325 ton 10’ press brake.  There are also 5 trucks for delivering parts to customers.

Springfield, OH

423 S. York Street
Springfield, OH 45505

Ph. (800) 382-9956
Ph. (937) 525-9161
Fax (937) 525-9164


Once again expanding to meet the needs of our largest customer, we opened a 30,000 square foot plant in Springfield, Ohio.  45 employees are busy delivering parts on a just in time system to our customers satisfaction, utilizing our fleet of 4 delivery trucks.

  • This location was opened in 1997 to meet the needs of our largest customer.
  • The Springfield location has approximately 30,000 square feet on a city block.
  • With 45 employees they are delivering parts on a just in time system to the customers satisfaction
  • The equipment in Springfield consists of 6 burning machines, 1 beveling machine, shot blaster, 1 flattening press, welding station, drilling station, beveling station with 3 bevel heads and 4 trucks to deliver parts.

Portland, OR

4567 NE 190th Ln.
Portland, OR. 97230

Ph. (503) 674-5210
Fax (503) 251-8928


Opening a 25,000 square foot warehouse, our expansion into Portland, Oregon was necessary to deliver parts to our largest customer on a just in time basis. Our Portland operation also saw cuts aluminum extrusions, stocks aluminum parts, and operates the powder coating line.

  • This warehouse was opened in 2005 to provide Ideal with a way to deliver parts to our largest customer on a just in time basis.
  • The Portland warehouse is 25,000 square feet.
  • Warehouse also does saw cutting of aluminum extrusions, stocks aluminum parts and operates the powder coating line.
  • Plant makes deliveries to Cascade a minimum of 4 times per day.
  • Approximately 20 employees that include local delivery drivers for the steel coming up from Eugene.

Houston, TX

5900 Brittmoore,
Houston, TX 77041

Ph. (855) 677-8335
Fax (713) 856-8336


Ideal Steel began operations in Houston, Texas due to a major client’s need for quicker turnaround in forklift parts.  Now we have a 95,000 square foot manufacturing plant served with 13 overhead cranes from 5 ton, to a 35 ton capacity.

  • Began operations in 2011.
  • 95,000 square foot Manufacturing plant.
  • Equipment List:
    •  Trumpf  5000 watt laser, Large format
    • Two torch Hy-Definition plasma
    • 6 torch Oxy/Fuel capable of cutting up to 8” thick plate
    • Two Oxy/Fuel beveling stations
    • One plasma beveling station
    • Two production Saw lines
    • 325 Ton press breaking
    • Two straightening presses
    • Three welding stations
    • 84” radial arm drill press
    • Two CNC machining centers
  • 35 employees and growing.